Strategic Plan

The 2018-2021 Strategic Plan

The GeorgetownCARES Coalition Committee

A substance abuse prevention initiative

*Making Healthier Decisions Together*

Mission Statement

The GeorgetownCARES Coalition Committee is a community health and safety initiative seeking to encourage Georgetown citizens of all ages to make safe, healthy and responsible decisions about substance-use. Our mission is to promote substance abuse prevention strategies, education and resources aimed at making Georgetown the healthiest community it can be.


Focus Area: Continual Community Needs Assessment through bi-annual surveys.

Goal: To Establish a Sustainable Cycle of Student Risk & Protective Factor Assessment.

Action Steps:

  • Conduct Attitudes & Behavior Survey, grades 6-12, November 2017.
  • Conduct MA Youth Risk Behavior Survey, grades 6-12, November 2018.
  • Create action plans based on survey results to enhance prevention measures.
  • Present findings to community in partnership with Essex Country Asset Builder Network.

Goal: To Assess the Perceptions of Parent, Educators and Concerned Adults regarding substance use and abuse and other health issues of youth.

Action Steps:

  • Conduct Adult Perception Survey, April 2018.


Focus Area: Community Outreach & Prevention Support for Residents.

Goal: To Provide a website with current local resources to help residents find help, information, and ways to make a difference for those negatively affected by substance misuse.

Action Steps:

  • Create GeorgetownCARES website attached to town website.
  • Create a Georgetown-specific brochure for town departments to distribute to residents who struggle with addiction.
  • Continue to invite representatives from the 12 Drug Free Community Sectors.
  • Create Signature Speaker Series aimed at 3 target audiences: 1) students, 2) parents, families & faith communities, 3) Council of Aging & Veterans.


Focus Area: Asset Management: Create a community “Working on Wellness” grant program.

Goal: To financially support substance misuse prevention initiatives in Georgetown. Examples include professional development for Georgetown Police, Fire & School personnel, a ParentsCARE Campaign, 40 Developmental Assets campaigns, an Opiate Awareness Walk, etc.

Action Steps:

  • Create grant application.
  • Create a GeorgetownCARES Grant task force to promote, administer and award grants.


Focus Area: Reduce Stigma & Increase Public Awareness about Mental Illness, Substance Use Disorders & Addiction

Goal: Create a community culture where people and families feel respected and accepted as they seek information, treatment and effective paths to making healthier decisions and/or addiction recovery.

Action Steps:


Focus Area: Community Values Youth.

Goal: Increase youth programs and opportunities for youth to feel valued and heard in Georgetown.

Goal: Increase the number of developmental assets youth report.

Goal: Improve Youth Core Measures over time – 1) Lower past 30-day use of illegal substances, 2) Increase perception of risk, 3) Increase perception of parental disapproval, 4) Increase perception of peer disapproval.

Action Steps:

  • Reduce community risk factors, increase community protective factors by implementing the 40 Developmental Assets Prevention Approach/Programs in Georgetown. The 40 Developmental Assets are positive experiences, relationships, opportunities, and personal qualities that young people need to grow up healthy, caring, and responsible. Coordinate with Essex County Asset Builders Network/Tower Foundation Grant.
  • Start youth programs such as those around Open Maker Spaces, Open Gyms, the Park & Rec Department, Police Youth Activity League (comm. service).
  • Workforce Investment Board: Youth Summer Jobs
  • Task Force to increase role of Student Council, Peer Leaders & other school club members within community decision making processes.


Focus Area: Community Values Families & Senior Citizens.

Goal: Increase resident programs and opportunities for all residents to feel valued and heard in Georgetown.

Action Steps:

  • Workforce Investment Board: Full time & Part time jobs board.
  • Increase multi-generational events by partnering the Schools with the Council on Aging.


Focus Area: Public Policy.

Goal: Work with Selectmen and Town Departments to ensure that all policies are in legal compliance and current with best practices to improve health outcomes by reducing substance misuse in Georgetown.

Action Steps:

  • Request each department to review relevant policies & practices and update as appropriate to reduce youth access to alcohol and drugs, drunk/drugged driving, opioid misuse and overdoses, possession and use.
  • Use website to communicate relevant state laws & town bylaws.