GeorgetownCARES Community Meeting

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GeorgetownCARES & The Georgetown PTA

together present….Four Legs to Stand On by COAAST…a short play about how addiction affects families.

The script was inspired by the community narratives of South Kingstown, RI. Written by Ana Bess Moyer Bell, it is about a young woman who turns to drugs to help deal with the stress of college and her father’s cancer treatment. COAAST has performed to audiences in community theatres, rehab facilities, churches, high schools and for medical professionals. The program aids in community support, awareness, and provides a deep understanding of addiction.  Learn more about COAAST, Creating Outreach About Addiction Support Together, at

Please join us for this illuminating production, also called therapeutic theatre. Throughout the creation and rehearsal process, the artistic team infused therapeutic goals for participants. The audience is offered a space for cathartic release, introspection, and reflection. The collective experience of witnessing the performance creates a community for a brief moment in time. Each performance is followed by a twenty-minute talkback in which the audience is given a space to process their unique experiences.